Free (No Deductible) Windshield Replacement

how much to replce windshields
how much to replce windshields

Driving with a cracked windshield is very dangerous and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Depending on the place you live you can get free windshield replacements. Below is what you need to know about this service laws and auto insurance.

Regulations For No Deductible Windshield Replacement

The minimum requirements for windshield visibility and conditions are laid down by the federal regulations which were set up by the US Department of Transportation. They require each state to enforce it. The rule demands that the center part of the windshield be damage-free and continue to define what the center area is. Some states may go beyond the regulation set up by the national government since each state has its transportation department and has the right to make their laws. Majority of the states task the law enforcement officers with the job to determine whether or not particular damage to the windshield is creating visual impairment. Some states also control the way that insurance companies handle windshield repair and replacement.

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1Free  (No Deductible) windshield replacement laws

windshield replacement price
windshield replacement price

These rules are set up by states individually which means they are tied to state laws regarding insurance. Your Insurance Company may be required to cater for the full repair or replacement of your windshield if you live in a state which has unique insurance requirements connected to auto glass replacement. You should understand that f

ree windshield replacement legislations cover the portion of auto policy, but not liability. This means that laws for free windshield replacement apply only to those whose insurance policy has a comprehensive auto insurance. Your insurance company is not obligated to pay your windshield replacement or repair infill if you don’t live in a state with windshield replacement laws, and you are still required to pay the insurance deductible.


2States which have free windshield replacement laws

The states below have insurance laws which support free windshield replacement:

Kentucky-when it comes to auto glass replacement and windshield replacement the state is a “zero deductible.”
Florida-requires insurance companies to waive deductibles on claims of a windshield.
Arizona– in Arizona, from Peoria, Avondale, Scottsdale and Temple to Flagstaff, Glendale, Gilbert, Phoenix, Surprise, Mesa, Tucson, and beyond one has the option of buying auto glass endorsement or waiver whenever you buy auto insurance. With this, you do not have to pay the full deductible when replacing your windshield replaced.
Massachusetts-most people site it as a zero deductible state of which is a bit, in this case, a misnomer.
New York – insurance companies here offer policies that do not require deductibles when it comes to auto glass replacement.
South Carolina-this is a zero deductible state, and you will receive free windshield replacement from everywhere in the state.

3What about free windshield repairs?

windshild replacement cost
windshild replacement cost

This is viable alternatives in some cases to windshield replacements. Most insurance

companies will offer waive to the deductible for these repairs not considering the state you live.

Requirements F

You must have an auto insurance policy that covers comprehensive damage to your vehicle for you to qualify for windshield repair and replacement with no deductible. Some companies have policies which include extensive coverage but will require their customers to buy additional coverage to be able to get free windshield repair and replacement.

4How the process works

Insurance companies do not contemplate windshield damage as a claim on a policy .they thus do not raise premiums for people who receive windshield replacement subjected to no deductible. Insurance companies usually require their customers to report the damage to their windshields at the earliest time possible. Some of these companies have equipped with websites where people can report online. Before you receive a free repair, you must first be proven that you are under the correct insurance coverage. Many glass companies prefer that people who have damaged windshields to the first report to them before reporting their claims to the insurance company. Insurance companies give their customers a chance to choose the repair shops they want. It is advised that policy holders always make their claims as soon as possible.


In conclusion for those who live in Florida, South Carolina, and Kentucky and you have comprehensive auto insurance there is a reasonable chance that you can get a free windshield replacement. While those living in New York, Arizona, and Massachusetts you are likely to have 100$deductible or a separate glace endorsement. Those living in other states should talk to their insurance companies and find out their options