Stop Squeaking of Windshield Wiper Blades

Trying to stop squeaking windshield wiper blades may be challenging, but some methods have proven to be effective. Squeaky wipers are bothersome, and sometimes there is no right way to fix the problem. Yet, there are some methods to try before you purchase new windshield wiper blades.

Check Out the Functionality of the Squeaky Wipers

Before trying any of the methods outlined below, make sure your car’s wiper blades can turn over in both directions. Wiper blades should make a sweeping motion over the car windshield and shouldn’t remain vertical. Just twist the arm until the blades flop both ways.

It’s also good to make sure your car’s windshield wipers and the actually blades are not too tight or too loose. A little tension between the wiper blades and glass could be the culprit for the squeaking or chattering sound.

Sometimes, the actual assemblies holding the wiper refills may be causing the problem. With extended use, the assemblies may break down and will need to be replaced.

Take the Right Measures to Stop Squeaking Windshield Wiper Blades

By taking some simple maintenance on a regular basis, you can help stop squeaking windshield wiper blades from crossing your window. Start by cleaning the outside of your car’s windshield with glass cleaner, such as Windex or baking soda. You will also want to make sure to keep the windshield wiper fluid filled up. Since blade refills are inexpensive, make sure you replace your wiper blade refills at least once a year or before the rainy season.

You can keep your blades free of build up and grease by wiping the edge of the blades monthly with an alcohol wipe. Try to wipe them more frequently in the winter months if you live in colder climates, as salt may cause a heavier build up.

Stop Squeaky Windshield Wipers by Making Them Softer

By making your blades softer, you may be able to quiet the squeaking or rubbing. Dab WD-40 on a paper towel and wipe the squeaky wiper blade. Be cautious as you conduct this option, as WD-40 can eat away rubber, which would leave it dry and crumbly.

Another option to soften the blade is to apply rubbing alcohol, which won’t damage the blades. Again, apply the rubbing alcohol onto a piece of paper towel and then wipe the windshield wiper blade. This should be repeated until all dirt and oil is removed from the squeaky windshield wiper blade.

It May be the Rain-X or Car Wax

If you recently applied Rain-X or waxed your car, it could have caused your blades to begin squeaking. Such products can create a film that causes squeaky wiper blades. Simply remove the wax or Rain-X with a normal car polish and the problem may stop.

Stop the Squeaking

Stopping a squeaking windshield wiper blade may be a simple fix or something more involved. The most important thing to remember is to maintain your wiper blades and your windshield. By cleaning both on a regular schedule, you could stop the squeaking for your wiper blades lifetime.